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The Study
Artist: Darkhound

A hush has fallen over the frontier village of Loban. The hardworking serfs are all staying home and the tall stalks of rye stand in mute defiance to the village Lord's demand of harvesting. Sir Kathel, lord of Loban, can be heard yelling at his squires in impotent rage. The villagers refuse to harvest the rye till there is an end to the Terror. You have been sent by the desperate Sherrif of Olokand to put an end to this outrageous situation before the dispute between the villagers and their lord turns bloody. But what IS it that lurks in the darkness around Loban? Is it some local clan bloodfeud, the machinations of the nearby barbarous Taelda or is it something else....? Do YOU have what it takes to reveal this evil?

This is the webpage for a PBeM game that is based almost entirely on Columbia Games(TM) great module "100 bushels of Rye". Using Ad&d™ 3.5 Ed. rules, an all human team of low level players will attempt to solve the mystery of 100rye.

I am now taking character ideas for new players. The plan is to look for 3-4 people who are serious about committing to a schedule of posting once every other day, and get the game going. Honestly, if I can get three people, I will start 100rye up from the start. It is December 09, 2010, and I will hold out till Xmas. As soon as I have three players, we start.

Right now, we have 1 player.

For questions or suggestions on 100rye history, plot, character creation and the webpage, please email Carl.

Proceed to the Rules page to see what info I need to approve your character. For information on the campaign itself, please first meet with Sheriff Maldan at the Mission page, and then journey to the History page.

Click to join 100rye

Click to join 100rye

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